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Acting2Advocate is an outreach initiative supported by a team of dedicated Interacting members. Its primary objective is to enhance awareness within the Intellectually Disabled community regarding their Human Rights, thereby fostering enriched livelihoods. The A2A team is committed to advocating for inclusivity and empowerment within the community.


The team has crafted scenes from their own personal encounters, tackling pivotal themes such as the right to privacy, employment, safeguarding against abuse, and nurturing relationships. Presently, they are embarking on a tour to present their presentations to Disability providers, Special schools and parents organisations. For more information or to book a session, contact John at


Photo of Ella McLeod

Ella McLeod


John Goudge

Photo of Erin Fraser Payne

Erin Fraser Payne

Photo Sophie Wills

Sophie Wills

Joanna Bowers

Joanna Bowers

Thanks for the great performance yesterday. I found it heartwarming to see how your group is supporting and empowering the younger people with disabilities.

Henny Grosmann, Arohanui School

I found the presentation on Friday to be very informative. 
I felt that a large part of the success of the group was the way the participants were able to incorporate humour into their delivery.  This in itself immediately relaxed the audience, and in turn enabled them to engage and understand the content.
For many people being “told” their rights is a hard concept to grasp.  But being “shown” their rights through drama and production delivers a better understanding and encourages further conversation. 
I would not hesitate to attend another performance and would strongly recommend others to do so.

Karen Hammond, Mt Tabor Trust



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