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Empowering Dreams, Celebrating Abilities
Where Every Act, Dance, and Film Tells a Story

About Us

At Interacting, we believe that the arts have the power to transcend barriers, celebrate diversity, and enrich the lives of all who participate.


Interacting offers community programs for people with disabilities, including theatre, dance and filmmaking. We provide a supportive and nurturing environment where individuals can boost their confidence, develop skills and showcase their talents on stage. 


Through performance, filmmaking and advocacy, Interacting aims to challenge stereotypes, promote understanding, and foster a sense of belonging within the community.


Interacting also collaborates with local schools, community centres, and disability organisations to reach a diverse range of individuals and maximise their impact.

Young people in beautiful costumes holding puppets and masks
Two people walking across the stage in silver costumes
Young people using colourful fabrics to create movement


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To establish and maintain a number of performing arts opportunities for members of disabled communities. 

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To empower Interacting members by giving them a voice in the community and by telling stories that break down barriers and advocate for a disability awareness. 

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Respect peoples ability and encourage personal growth.


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  • Provide members of disabled communities with opportunities to tell stories through collective participation in the performing arts

  • Organise and develop drama workshops and to promote other performing arts including but not limited to dance, music and filmmaking

  • Train people to run workshops for children and adults with special needs within the community especially focusing on training people from within the Maori and Pacific Island communities.

  • Establish an ensemble theatre company of people with special needs to present plays and productions throughout the community.

  • Promote the use of drama therapy and involvement in theatre of people with special needs

InterAct Festival

Through live performances, wearable arts parades, drumming, singing, and creative workshops, InterAct fosters the talent of people with disabilities and provides an environment in which everybody can thrive. The InterAct Festival was established in 2011 and is presented by the Interacting Theatre Trust.

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